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I know Everything. Or Nothing. Good Luck.

One thing I should have stated when I re-booted my blog a couple of months ago is that I’m full of sh*t. Or not. Or both. Whichever, it’s your problem to figure out when applicable to your own personal situation. I’ll explain:

I’ve only been a professional investor for 7 months or so.  The subjects I write about, as well as the tips and suggestions I make, are based on my own personal (limited) experience.

I try to write about matters I know will be of value to entrepreneurs and startup folks in general. While my experience may be limited in certain subject areas, I’m not exactly new to this industry and a fair share of early stage startups have come across my desk, particularly since I began writing for TechCrunch four and a half years ago.

Certainly the voice is my own, however, I can assure you that many investors share the same viewpoint as I on the subjects I write about. Of course, they can be wrong too.

As an entrepreneurs, it’s up to you to figure out what and how much applies to your own personal situations. Good luck with that.  I mean that sincerely.

I'm Roi Carthy. A dude on the Interwebs. Managing Partner at I also cover Israeli startups for TechCrunch.