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A New Beginning

I started blogging four years ago, writing on both TechCrunch and my own personal blog which I ran a custom WordPress install on.

Having been a big fan from afar for quite a while now, I decided the time was right to jump into the deep end and start fresh, this time running on Tumblr with a custom domain.

This new ‘fresh start’ means a couple of things…

First (and some may argue not a genius move), I’m ditching all my previous content. Gone. Poof. Well, in all honesty it’s backed-up, but I have no intention of importing it here.

Second, I intend to make more frequent posts about subjects that I feel compelled to share my thoughts on (I know, all we need is another opinion). These will be short posts revolving around startup investing as I see it from my side of the table. Topics will include trends I’m noticing or am interested in, and general best-practices/do’s-and-don’ts for entrepreneurs.

I’m no Fred Wilson, but I do see entrepreneurial behavior that should be commended, and some that ought to take person stock and tweak.

Whether you’ll agree with me or won’t, please do share with me your take on things. I can always be reached by¬†email and on Twitter.

Alright, let’s kick it!

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I'm Roi Carthy. A dude on the Interwebs. Managing Partner at I also cover Israeli startups for TechCrunch.