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About & Contact

Contacting Me:I can be reached at

General Info:

The Web and I go back. In fact, we go back to the days before the Web… Email has been in my life for 30 years, and my first chat was in 1984—yes, 1984 and I was 8.

This has led me to own a unique perspective of the Internet’s many sides, from Product Development to UI, from Marketing to the Blogosphere.

These days I am Managing Partner at Initial Capital. Previously I was Head of Products at Soluto.

I also cover the Israeli startup scene at TechCrunch. All my posts can be found, here.

And for all you formal types, my LinkedIn Profile is here

Consulting Expertise: I take-on a select, small number of clients,  advising them on launching new products/services. Startups I’ve advised in the past include Wix & Soluto

  • Investment & Profitability Strategies: Working tightly with company management in order to chart a course that best positions the company for a follow-up investment and profitability. This includes “wartime” strategy as it relates to the product/service and to the company et large.
  • Beta & General Availability Launch Programs: I assist in creating the strategy and accompanying tactics. Typically this includes product alignment, marketing readiness and Blogosphere exposure. The purpose is to create and execute a well thought-out launch plan.I cannot be hired for the purpose of a TechCrunch review. 
  • Community Marketing: I assist in understanding what dialog requires initiation and how to go about conversing it. This is done through product honesty and thoughtful dialogs. The purpose is to locate and empower users to become evangelists.

I'm Roi Carthy. A dude on the Interwebs. Managing Partner at I also cover Israeli startups for TechCrunch.